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Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes

Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes | The Bag with a Beautiful Secret



It’s hard to believe that you have loved Toby Weston’s Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes for 44 years. You could say our Toby Weston Classic Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes are truly retro.

Toby Weston has created her original Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes that seems to withstand the test of time. We search for the perfect fabrics to handcraft our beautiful fabric handbags & totes. Our bags are custom made, by hand, in the USA.   With multiple pockets in all of  our styles, there is always an organized place for everything.  The original Custom Toby Weston Handbag is available in 4 sizes: regular, extra large, clutch and the newest addition extra large clutch.  The Toby Weston Custom Fabric Handbag continues to fill the needs of our customers and will always remain, our flagship product.  Crafting a shoulder bag that women love and making it here in the USA, continues to be our top priority.

Did you know that Toby Weston Handbags is Vegan? Now you can purchase a handbag that fits into your Vegan lifestyle. Choose from our standard fabric choices, or our seasonal palettes. Create an original Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes that suits your needs and supports your vegan lifestyle.

For 44 years, Toby Weston has produced Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes, along with exceptional service, to women all around the world.  You now can join the ranks of thousands of women who have found out the beautiful secrets of Toby Weston Handbags.  Our dedicated customers know that when you buy Toby Weston Custom Fabric Handbags & Totes, you buy quality.

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We’re Loving Las Cruces | Orange You Happy ? Yes we are very happy! We’re Loving Las Cruces, the latest print from Toby Weston Handbags.  Since we love to mix prints, we put together a casual outfit, highlighting a solid denim skirt instead of jeans. We then paired it with a classy orange bomber jacket. For additional […]