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Last week I went to visit Mom and Dad.  For those of you who are not familiar with Toby Weston Handbags, my Mom is Toby Weston, the lady who sat at the helm of Toby Weston Handbags for 37 years.  You can read her story on this site, under “Toby’s Story.”   Mom and Dad are turning 90 years old this year and are beginning to go through some of their belongings.  On this particular day, it was a wide variety of pictures that really took me down memory lane.  I had seen many of these family photos before, but what I hadn’t seen were the pictures of my mother at work. Photos of her at industry trade shows alongside her beloved customers, with her entire line of, what is now, Retro Toby Weston Handbags behind her.

In the 70’s this design was new and exciting, she would take great pains to sell the multitude of features that these bags have.  Customers would line up to place orders for their stores. Mom would actually worry that she would not be able to complete so many orders, but she always did.  The 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s came and went, but our bag still remains.  Retro Toby Weston Handbags are being carried by long time customers and by new customers alike.  I recently searched eBay and Etsy for Toby Weston Handbags and was delighted to find a number of our best sellers still out there.  Not much has changed since Mom started making the bags, we’ve gone from wooden handles to plastic, and then back to wood again. We’ve turned our business into an online shop that gives customers the choice to customize their Retro Toby Weston Handbags.
 Retro Toby Weston Handbags Retro Toby Weston Handbags
Taking a trip down memory lane has been wonderful.  Having taken over the reins from my Mom in 2008, I truly appreciate how hard she worked to make Toby Weston Handbags a well respected brand.  Not until I began writing this post did I realize that I am now making a Retro Toby Weston Handbag, that is truly an original.





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