Features and Options of Toby Weston Handbags

Your new Toby Weston Classic custom fabric handbag will not only be a wonderful everyday handbag but it will also be the perfect traveling companion.  You can say goodbye to rummaging through your bag and endlessly searching for your things.  All your possessions will be organized right at your fingertips.  Best of all you get to choose from a wide variety of fabrics, from tapestry to cotton, making your bag truly a reflection of you.

Does your handbag have these features?

  • Multiple pockets to stash all your valuablesinside_home_06 – all styles
  • 3 sizes to choose from – classic Toby
  • Adjustable, non-slip shoulder straps – easily changes from long to short strap – classic Toby only
  • Can’t be pulled open when it’s on your shoulder – classic Toby
  • Optional Magnetic Snap Closure in Classic Toby
  • Optional Purse Feet for Classic Toby
  • Optional front pocket styles
  • Secret compartment in bottom of bag – Classic Toby
  • Light weight – all styles
  • Folds completely flat for travel
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Dry cleanable

Here at Toby Weston Handbags, my customers continually tell me how much they love their handcrafted fabric handbags. So many of them tell me they have tried more expensive bags but always come back to their Toby Weston Handbag.


Classic Toby Weston Strap Lengths and Configuration


doublestrap strp_lng

The strap on the Classic Toby Weston Handbag is adjustable.  The approximate measurements are as follows: In figure A we have doubled the strap the drop is approximately 10″.  In figure B the strap has been extended to its full length of 18″.  Because this strap is adjustable you can shorten it to suit your needs.  When worn as in figure B the bag is very secure and a stranger would be unable to get into it.

Do you need extra length in the strap? You may want to wear your Toby Classic Bag across your body or you may find that you just need a scosh more room.  We make it easy with a drop down menu “strap options”. We mean it when we say you can customize your bag to suit your needs.



Magnetic Snap ClosureI always listen to my customers suggestions and now I am proud to announce a new addition to your Toby Weston Classic Handbag that will make it even better a Magnetic Snap Closure.  The magnetic snap closure ensures that your belongings stay put, even if your handbag topples over. The snap will be situated just above the  label.



Purse Feet 




Another customizable feature is our Purse Feet.  Our purse feet help keep the bottom of your bag clean.  These are an available option on all our Classic Toby Weston purses.






Your Classic Toby Weston purse can have new details a gently curving front pocket. Shown here with ribbon detail to emphasize the curve. Select Classic Curve feature from the drop down Pocket Options Menu.  Many of my customers are happy with their purses just the way they are, but some of you may want to add these features when you place your next custom fabric purse order.






Once again customers have spoken. How about a full size pocket on the back side of the bag?  We’ve made it happen, just choose this option when making up your order.



We Will Not Be Accepting Orders Until March

We will not be taking any new orders until March. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will visit again in the Spring.

If you have questions please call or text: 818-208-5567

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